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Press Release PELATSOF III

      Organisasi yang baik adalah organisasi yang memiliki anggota dengan softskill yang baik. Softskill adalah suatu kemampuan yang dibutuhkan dalam sebuah organisasi. Softskill yang dibutuhkan dapat berupa kemampuan dalam menangani sebuah masalah, kemampuan dalam berbicara di depan umum, dan kemampuan mengendalikan emosi diri. Oleh karena itu, selama berjalannya kepengurusan, perlu…


Making Biofuel from Microalgae

So much potential coexists with so many scientific, environmental and economic challenges The drive to develop and expand alternatives to fossil fuel engages scientists and entrepreneurs around the world at levels never before witnessed. Increasingly, consumers are being urged to imagine a future when their vehicles and commercial machinery are…


Biotechnology offers path to meet global needs

A Nebraska farmer touted environmental and production benefits of integrating biotechnology on his farm during a recent international symposium. Steve Wellman of Syracuse, Neb., was among the panelists at the Illinois Soybean Association-hosted International Biotechnology Symposium. More than 200 biotechnology regulators, government officials, industry and organization representatives, international trade experts and farmers from…